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Ntek Trading company started its activity in the 80s as one of the flourishing companies in business services and successful managers. With experienced experts in human resources and using world up-to-date information, with the assistance of it’s offices and cooperation in different countries, it has been able to continue its growing trend. Also, by gaining useful experiences in all fields of industry, trade, production and services in order to provide services for our country, to constitute outstanding achievements.

It has also been able to use it’s full capacity to engage in commercial activities in various fields, including the export and import of petroleum products from Iran, Iraq, Russia, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan. Ntekco. trading company is now trying to establish it’s strong presence in the world as an Iranian company, benefiting from the experiences that are again true to previous years and from having committed and capable individuals.


The topic of current discussion is that by a new contract between large importing companies, you would register another good record in your resume and you would bring together large companies to exchange information and technology in order to create a business group, they would also meet each other's needs. In the end we hope you glorify this community with your cooperation which we will continue for many years. We hope to gain your trust by doing our best; this is our main task and duty. Ntek.co company currently has offices in Iran, Oman and Turkey and cooperates with offices in Dubai, Malaysia and Iraq

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