Exporting the highest quality Iranian food products

Make the beautiful moments of your life sweet and dreamy with pure Iranian food products.
No matter where you are in the world, ntek can deliver the best Iranian food products from the best gardens to you in the fastest possible way and make these moments last forever with these hearty and lovely tastes for you and your family and friends. Make the best moments of your life.
ntek company is always by your side, dear customers, and our goal is to supply the best tastes of Iranian food products to the whole world.
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Exporting the highest quality Iranian food products is one of the activities of ntek company, which is experiencing a growing trend in the world.

Export and sale of food products which are announced as follows:
Iranian food products (Sales and exports):
Different types of saffron
Dried apricots
Export and transit of all products to Turkey, Georgia, Russia, Germany, France, UAE, Armenia, Spain.
Ntek.co values your trust and guarantees its services.

Iranian saffron product (read more)

This Iranian product has no interest in Dina and the saffron that is obtained in Iran has a great difference in quality compared to all the saffrons in the whole world and it cannot be compared with the saffron produced in other countries. And the field of therapy is very useful

Iranian date product

This product is obtained from the best groves in the south of Iran, which is one of the best dates in the world, which has different types. And it is widely used in the production of food products such as cakes and cookies

Iranian pistachio product
Prepared from Iran’s pistachio gardens, which have different types that have an extremely delicious and hearty taste, and pistachio is considered a ceremonial fruit, and each type is the best pistachio product in the world.

Fig product of Iran
It is prepared from the best fig gardens in Estehbanat city, Fars province, Iran. These fig gardens have a world record. They have different types that have an extremely delicious and hearty taste and are very energizing because of the natural sugar they have. And it is widely used in therapeutic purposes

Qaisi product of Iran

This product is obtained from the best apricot fruits and has a very delicious and hearty taste.

Raisin product of Iran

This product is one of the most widely used Iranian products, which is used in various fields such as the production of sweets, cakes, cookies, and traditional Iranian foods. Iranian raisins are obtained from the best vineyards and vineyards.

Iranian tomato paste product
Tomato paste is a product that is obtained from tomatoes by a special mechanism in the thermal devices of large factories. Iranian tomato paste has a very beautiful red color, which is very useful for home use and the production of various edible sauces.

NTEKTrading Company emerged in the 2000s as a thriving entity, offering exceptional business servics in exporting vast variety of food products, fresh and dried fruit and also boasting a team of accomplished managers. With a skilled workforce, access to cutting-edge information, and strategic collaborations across multiple countries, Ntek has sustained a trajectory of continuous growth. Drawing from its vast experience in various industries, encompassing trade, production, and services, Ntek has garnered noteworthy accomplishments, serving our country and achieving excellence. Leveraging its full potential, the company actively engages in diverse commercial activities, including the import and export of petroleum products from Iran, Iraq, Russia, Turkmenistan, and Azerbaijan. Ntekco, an Iranian company, aspires to establish a robust global presence, capitalizing on the knowledge gained from previous years and its dedicated and capable team. Presently, our focus lies in fostering collaboration among large importing companies, facilitating the exchange of information and technology, and creating a business consortium to address mutual needs. We extend an invitation to join us in this endeavor, aiming to enhance our collective achievements for years to come. Our commitment is to earn your trust through our unwavering dedication, as it remains our primary duty and objective. NTEK.CO currently maintains offices in Iran, Oman, and Turkey, while also collaborating with offices in Dubai, Malaysia, and Iraq.

Exporting the highest quality Iranian food products

ntek company, with its high capacity, has been able to share the delicious taste of these products with them by exporting the highest quality Iranian food products to the whole world.

There is no doubt that the taste of Iranian food products is one of the purest tastes in the world, which anyone can taste with our help to the people of their country and bring sweet moments with Iranian food products to themselves, their family and friends.

Iran’s special food products such as pistachios, saffron, figs, etc., have a heavenly taste that brings a special pleasure to every person eating these products and has never experienced anything similar to these tastes anywhere in the world.

Exporting the highest quality Iranian food products for your extraordinary profitability

So, our suggestion is to choose ntek as your agent in Iran as soon as possible to achieve the hearty and dreamy taste of Iranian food products.

Exporting the highest quality Iranian food products for any commercial company outside of Iran can be one of the best and most successful financial goals, and you can get a lot of profit from selling these products in your country, and the main reason is that the quality of Iranian food products It cannot be found anywhere in the world. So you are buying the most special food products that you will determine the price of this product in your own country.