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Ntek trading company has started its activity in the 80s as one of the flourishing companies in business services and successful managers.

With experienced experts, human resources and using world up-to-date information, with the assistance of it’s offices and cooperation in different countries, it has been able to continue its growing trend.

Also, by gaining useful experiences in all fields of industry, trade, production and services in order to provide services for our country, to constitute outstanding achievements.

It has also been able to use it’s full capacity to engage in commercial activities in various fields, including the export and import of petroleum products from Iran, Iraq, Russia, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan.

Ntekco. trading company is now trying to establish it’s strong presence in the world as an Iranian company, benefiting from the experiences which are gained through previous years and from having committed and capable individuals.

The topic of current discussion is that by a new contract between large importing companies, you would register another good record in your resume and you would bring together large companies to exchange information and technology in order to create a business group, they would also meet each other’s needs. In the end we hope you glorify this community with your cooperation which we will continue for many years. We hope to gain your trust by doing our best; this is our main task and duty.

Ntek.co company currently has offices in Iran, Oman, Turkey and cooperates with offices in Dubai, Malaysia and Iraq

In order to maintain and increase the sales, reputation and authenticity of the company at domestic and international level, observance and respecting principles such as honesty in work, paying attention to customers’ demands and stakeholders are our main values and we always try to achieve the visions that were mentioned earlier by following the quality policy written below.

1- Providing customers’ needs.

2- Reaching new markets.

3- Creating a suitable environment for the growth and promotion of employees as the main assets of the company.

4- Satisfaction of customers, especially suppliers abroad.


different attitudes in providing services have always guaranteed the success and dynamism of the company. We have set up a solid foundation for customer satisfaction by taking a strong and smart look at a person’s performance and constant improvement.

  • The company offers customers:

The following are part of the services that Export, purchase, sale and production of some petroleum products.


public and private refineries 

Diesel D2

Light and heavy hydrocarbons

Light and heavy Naphtha

Fuel oil M380

Base oil sn500       sn150      sn180

Bitumen 40/50    85/100     60/70   80/100   60/90    80/20   50/70    vg10     vg20      vg30      vg40    

Lpg gas

DEG,MEG،TEG solvent 402,406

White Sprite


Russia oil derivatives thorough Malasian associate office; the official representative of the refinery

Diesel EN590(10ppm)

Fuel oil M100

Jet Fuel A1, JP54


Iraq oil derivatives

Fuel oil   M180

Carrying out dehydration and desulfurization projects in Iraq

investing in product standardization projects in Iraq

exporting and transiting all products to Afghanistan, Iraq, Armenia, UAE, India, Pakistan, China, Oman, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, South Africa, Turkey

Export and sale of food products which are announced as followings:

Iranian food products (Sales and exports):

Different types of saffron





Dried apricots

Export and transit of all products to Turkey, Georgia, Russia, Germany, France, UAE, Armenia, Spain.

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