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 Exporting White Spirit

 Exporting White Spirit

 Exporting White Spirit

Exporting White Spirit from Iran to the Global Markets through NTEK Company


Iran, as one of the major producers of petroleum and petrochemical products, has significant capacity for exporting white spirit to international markets. NTEK, as one of the pioneers in this field, plays an important role in providing this vital product to global customers.

Introduction to NTEK Company

NTEK is a leading petrochemical company in Iran that is active in the production and export of various products, including white spirit. The company has become a reliable source for global customers by leveraging its extensive experience, powerful supply chain, and reputable international partnerships.

Exporting White Spirit from Iran

Given Iran’s production capacities in white spirit and the growing global demand for this product, NTEK is the key facilitator of exporting white spirit from Iran to international markets. NTEK’s products are of high quality and are in high demand due to their diverse applications in industries such as paints, resins, printing, and many others.

Benefits of Purchasing White Spirit from NTEK

– Reliable and continuous supply of high-quality white spirit
– Competitive pricing and flexible payment terms
– Trustworthy logistics and delivery to various destinations worldwide
– Dedicated customer support and technical services
– Compliance with international environmental and safety standards

Global Presence and Partnerships of NTEK

NTEK has established a powerful global network through partnerships and distribution channels in key markets across Asia, Europe, America, and other regions, enabling the delivery of white spirit to customers worldwide.


 Exporting White Spirit
Exporting White Spirit


As a trusted exporter, we take pride in our role in bringing the flavors of our homeland to the global stage. For more information about NTEK’s export offerings and capabilities, please visit our website.

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